About Berry Genomics

Founded in May 2010, Berry Genomics is a leading company in clinical genomics and life science in China. Berry Genomics is dedicated to research, development and commercialization of genetic test technologies in clinical applications. Berry Genomics aims to assist accurate diagnosis of diseases throughout the full human life circle, and to improve human health. As a company with strong R&D capability, Berry Genomics pioneered the first NGS-based genetic test, NIPT, in China back in 2010. The company currently provides NGS- based tests for many genetic diseases and cancers from preconception to adulthood. Berry Genomics is leading in the clinical study of early clinical detection of liver cancer in the world. Exploring the use of the third-generation sequencing technology in both clinical field and scientific study is ongoing. Berry Genomics has around 1500 employees dedicating to developing products and providing services for over 6000 organizations and facilities home and abroad, including hospitals, research institutions, universities and corporations. Berry Genomics has been listed on A-share market in China since 2017 under the stock code: 000710.
Being the top trustworthy partner in genomics
Innovate for the future, improve human well-being
Focus on the clinical applications, base on the R&D, Moving forward by innovation, gain trust with quality

Company footprints

Berry Genomics invests in genomic industry based on its market insights and forward thinking, ranging from clinical research, technology development, medical device manufacturing, clinical testing, genomic database integration, professional genetic counseling, to consumer genomics, and gene therapy.
The headquarter is located in Beijing. Berry Genomics owns 7 certified clinical laboratories located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Fuzhou, and Hong Kong. Berry Genomics owns a licensed medical device manufacturing facility in Hangzhou. In 2013, Xcelom Limited, a subsidiary dedicating to serve the overseas genetic testing market, was established in Hong Kong. In 2015, teaming up with Professor Tony Mok of CUHK, Berry Genomics established Sanomics Limited, a leading oncology company in Hong Kong, providing safe and rapid cancer genetic testing. In 2017, Berry Oncology was established, specializing in cancer diagnosis and early detection. In 2017, Berry Genomics broke ground for its digital life science park in Fuzhou. With more than 260,000 square meters, the park is designed to cover every segment of gene industry, from technology development to medical device manufacturing, from genetic testing to disease treatment. In 2018, Berry Genomics became one of the investors in CircleDNA, a consumer genomic company.


  • Yang Gao
    Dr. Yang Gao, Chairman, Berry Genomics, a pioneer in NGS research and applications in China
  • Daixing Zhou
    Dr. Daixing Zhou, Chief Scientist, Berry Genomics, one of the major contributors to NGS in the world. Dr. Zhou is widely recognized as the pioneer of NIPT in China.
  • Ying Hou
    Mrs. Ying Hou, Vice President, Berry Genomics. Mrs. Hou is an expert in the NGS market in China.
Berry Genomics regards innovation as its core value to power the company. Berry Genomics is committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective genetic tests to patients, and value-added services to the scientific communities. Berry Genomics currently provides genetic test services to over 2000 hospitals in China mainly in the area of reproductive health, genetic disease and cancer. Up to now, Berry Genomics has served more than 500 million patients in China in total. In parallel, more than 100 top Chinese hospitals have built their clinical laboratories based on the products and workflow provided by Berry Genomics. With Berry Genomics’ supports, these organizations can run their genetic tests autonomously. Berry Genomics’ contract service team has supported more than 10,000 science research programs of over 2000 hospitals, institutions, universities and companies. The integrated business model of testing service and product providing is well proved to meet the diversified market needs in China.
Berry Genomics is committed to investing in R&D to drive the development and validation of new technologies and diagnostic tests. The R&D achievements have been granted domestic and foreign patents. All patented and other core technologies are put into use in the products and testing services. In the reproductive genetics market, Berry Genomics is recognized as the leading provider of quality products and services by the customers. In the oncology testing market, Berry Oncology’s sensitive liquid biopsy and cancer early detection technologies are highly acknowledged by the customers and partners. In 2015, Berry Genomics’ sequencer, NextSeq CN500, and its NIPT reagent obtained IVD license from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), which was among the first batch of licenses of its kind in China. In 2019, NextSeq CN500 got NMPA’s official approval to extend its clinical testing scope from NIPT only to multi-human diseases including genetic diseases and cancers. And there are more products in the queue of license application.

Key Publications

Liang D, Cram D S, Tan H, et al. Clinical utility of noninvasive prenatal screening for expanded chromosome disease syndromes[J]. Genetics in Medicine, 2019, 21(9): 1998-2006. Lv W, Li Z, Wei X, et al. Noninvasive fetal genotyping in pregnancies at risk for PKU using a comprehensive quantitative cSMART assay for PAH gene mutations: a clinical feasibility study[J]. BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 2019, 126(12): 1466-1474. Prospective chromosome analysis of 3429 amniocentesis samples in China using copy number variation sequencing. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2018;219(3): 287.e1-287.e18. Performance of a quantitative assay for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of autosomal recessive hearing loss caused by GJB2 and SLC26A4 mutations. Genetics in Medicine, 2017;19:1306-1316. Application of Single-Molecule Amplification and Resequencing Technology for Broad Surveillance of Plasma Mutations in Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma. Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. 2016. pii: S1525-1578(16)30220-3. Comprehensive profiling and quantitation of oncogenic mutations in non small-cell lung carcinoma using single molecule amplification and re-sequencing technology. Oncotarget. 2016;7(31):50477-50489. Non-invasive prenatal testing for Wilson Disease using circulating Single Molecule Amplification and Re-sequencing Technology (cSMART). Clinical Chemistry, 2015;61:172-181.
More Information
For more information, please contact Miss. Aima Shi at shijiajia821@hyshao.com
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